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KIT Pvt LTD ®️, the leading company worldwide, offers you the healthiest version of all types of salt and Salt products. Right now we are promoting & trading our local manufactured brands and Products in USA, UK Morocco, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Legally Registered & Certified

We are legally registered in Pakistan. Our office is located in Islamabad and registered by the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce.

Customized Products & Fast Delivery

We have utterly customized product solutions for your business to import from Pakistan. We believe in fast and safest delivery services and are available 24/7 for our prestigious customers.



We offer the best and most refined quality Premium salts (Pink salt, White salt, Black salt, Industrial salt, Flavor salt, and pink salt products) worldwide. We stick out as the top-notch business in the entire world. And, being a first-class brand, we do not let our consumers down at any cost. We have gotten a lot of trust from our beloved clients and earned our name as the most trustworthy company in Pakistan, Related salt. We have served practically in USA, Uk, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Morroco for over several years and entertained them with our premium services to make them pleased. We take care of your every issue and do every possible thing to make you satisfied. Our Team is always all set to serve you at their best.

Our Mission: We will Introduce Pakistani Brands and Products to an international market.

Our Vision: We will promote and trade the Export of High-quality products manufactured locally in Pakistan at a highly competitive price.

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  • Certified Team

    Our team is highly experienced specialists fluent in English. Our Directors each have over 5+ years of experience in this industry and, together with a young and dynamic team, work across many countries to provide you with the Best export quality Salt and Products have added value and maintain a high code of ethics.

  • Efficient Work

    All of our employees work together to create a more efficient office space. Our employees appreciate the opportunity to take charge of their working environment. One of the best ways to improve efficiency in the workplace is to give each other feedback regularly.

  • 24/7 Availability

    We are available 24/7 for you to provide you quotations and any information regarding our Products or Company in Real Time.

  • Quality Guaranteed

    We do everything possible to satisfy our clients, thus providing you with only the best quality products.

  • Affordable Price/Price Competitiveness

    We are much lighter to your wallet and offer you the premium, most fine quality salt, and Products.

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